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New photos for the 2016 Mountain Mania!

Click here to view photos.


1. To all those who were brave enough to take part in the annual Montagu Mountain Mania X-treme Trail Run, please find a link to some photo's that were       taken by one of the marshal's. It was an in the spur of the moment idea and is definitely not professional photo's but rather a memory of your run in       the beautiful Langeberg Mountains surrounding our town.

2. There should be at least 1 photo of every one.

3. Unfortunately no photos of the shorter races to be done in 2017.

4. Photo names are that of the time when it was taken at the water point where the 17km and 28 km parted.

5. There should be a second photo of those who were brave enough to challenge Bloupunt.

6. We are looking to do it more professionally next year with the emphasis on affordability.

7. Any questions / requests with regards to the photos can be sent to cbr145@me.com.

See you next year.


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